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Getting the most from your available capacity


Preactor employs an advanced schedule optimisation technique called Event Based Sequencing. Instead of simply prioritising each job and loading all their operations in order, Preactor simulates the advance of time and at each event (shift change, operation completion etc.) looks to see which operation should be loaded from the whole set of active jobs.

Preactor comes with a wide range of scheduling algorithms, like minimise WIP, minimise set-up time, maximise due date, but the open architecture means you can develop custom rules to match your requirements exactly.

When creating a schedule, Preactor takes account of primary and secondary constraints, like the availability of a specific tool or operator. Special problems, for example a process where partially completed items have to stand in an over for a period of time, can also be solved. Preactor can search through the active jobs looking for this operation and formulate an optimum loading, then schedule each job backwards and forwards from that point.


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