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Making your schedule visible


One problem faced in many companies is that of visibility. The planners create a production schedule, but in the factory, events cause people to stray from it. Without a good tool, there is no way to see what effect a change will have, so the manager of a particular area could decide to consolidate orders from his queue, which to him makes sense because of increased efficiencies, but he has no easy way of seeing what is happening to the remaining orders.

Similarly trying to see quickly what effect a machine breakdown will have, and how to reshuffle the schedule to ensure you still achieve the best customer service, is almost impossible without system support.

Preactor lets you report any of these events and instantly shows you the impact. Orders going late are highlighted and you can then run as many what-if scenarios as you need, making manual changes if needed. By making your schedule visible, Preactor puts you back in control.


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