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Improve customer service while reducing inventory


The fundamental purpose of Preactor is to help you produce orders in time. By optimising your production schedule, you will do this effectively, and by increasing stability in your schedule, you will be able to eliminate unnecessary inventories.

Preactor takes this further by providing algorithms that having generated a schedule to maximise customer service levels, can then re-visit it and ensure you mimimise WIP at the same time. This is important, because with many schedulers, the act of sequencing jobs based on due date will cause unnecessarily early start dates. Preactor takes a first pass at the schedule using your selected rule, and then looks at each job to see if there is any way to compress the elapsed time without interfering with other jobs.

Preactor can also take account of material availability when setting a start date for each order. This key capability ensures you get a workable solution, and also ensures that as you manipulate the schedule you donít violate this fundamental constraint.


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