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The usable solution


Preactor’s usability speaks for itself in the number of companies running it today. What makes it different from other systems is a strong focus on the environment schedulers find themselves in on a day to day basis.

Preactor lets you define as many scheduling rules as you want, it doesn’t insist that there is one right way and it doesn’t have any hidden algorithms. We believe Preactor’s job is to get you 85% of the way and let you manually refine the schedule as needed. We do not believe it is possible to create a set of fixed rules that completely define your processes, and even if it were possible, it would take so long to model every conceivable situation and reaction that you would never get round to using the software.

Preactor fits this mould perfectly. It is a powerful, configurable, schedule optimisation system, but it lets you manually manipulate the end result. It lets you try any number of different ideas or rules and compare the results, and it does all this in an intuitive windows environment.

With Preactor, you stay in control.

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