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Quick Implementation

Preactor is a tool to help you get control of and improve your schedule. As such, you should get a return on it quickly, not have it on the shelf for months while you try to understand the concepts it will force on you.

We have extensive experience with some of the most complex implementations of Preactor. Our focus, however, is to get the system up and running quickly at first. Once you start using it on a day to day basis, your trust will grow and we can look at customising scheduling rules and reports if we need to. There are so many benefits to be gained just from having a starting schedule prepared automatically, and from being able to see it clearly, that it makes sense to deliver these benefits early in the project. Also, it is much easier to see what changes need to be made once you are actually using the system.

We ideally carry out user training on site, and ideally do all the configuration work on the system hand in hand with someone from your company. This way ownership can be transferred quickly and you can limit our activities to genuine high value deliverables.


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